Forensic Accountant – A New Career?

One of the newer areas, and also the fastest growing area, of accounting is forensic accounting. A forensic accountant has a unique job because the responsibilities involve the integration of accounting, auditing, and investigative skills. Using all of these skills, a forensic accountant is, in summary, a true investigator. Forensic accountants are trained to look beyond the numbers and deal with the business reality of the situation.

A forensic accountant is typically an accountant that is hired by a large firm or company, but can also be engaged in public practice, or can be employed by insurance companies, banks, police forces, government agencies, or other organizations. The forensic accountant would be hired by such organizations to investigate, analyze, interpret, summarize, and present complex financial and business information so that it can be easily understood and properly supported. One that is employed as a forensic accountant can assist corporations in two main ways.

1. Investigative Accounting.

By performing investigative accounting duties, a forensic accountant reviews the factual situation of the company and suggests possible courses of action. A forensic accountant can also assist with the protection and/or recovery of assets, and can coordinate with other experts such as private investigators, forensic document examiners, and consulting engineers in the event that a white-collar crime has occurred. The forensic accountant will also assist with the recovery of assets by way of civil action or criminal prosecution.

2. Litigation Support.

Another main duty of a forensic account is to assist in obtaining documentation to form an initial assessment of the case and identify areas of loss. The forensic accountant may review the relevant documentation to assess the case and identify loss. This may require the financial accountant to assist with settlement discussions and negotiations, as well as attend a trial to hear the testimony of the opposing expert, and to provide assistance with cross-examination.

Forensic accountants become involved in an array of investigations. This may involve:

- Criminal Investigations, where a forensic accountant may be required to prepare a report with the objective of presenting evidence in a professional and concise manner;

- Shareholders’ and Partnership Disputes, involving assignments that require a detailed analysis of numerous years of accounting records in order to resolve, for example, compensation and benefits disputes of shareholders or partners;

- Personal Injury Claims, when a forensic accountant is asked to quantify economic losses resulting from an accident, often calculating resulting economic damage in cases of medical malpractice and wrongful dismissal;

- Business Interruption, reviewing the details of an insurance policy, for example, to investigate coverage issues and the appropriate method of calculating the loss of areas such as business interruptions, property losses, and employee dishonesty (fidelity) claims;

- Fraud Investigations, which involves a forensic accountant’s work in determining funds tracing, asset identification, and recovery, most commonly performed with employee fraud cases;

- Matrimonial Disputes, which require a forensic accountant to trace, locate, and evaluate assets, including businesses, properties, and other personal assets;

- Business Economic Losses, that of which includes areas such as contract disputes, construction claims, expropriations, product liability, trademark or patent infringements, and losses occurring from a breach of a non-competition agreement;

- Professional Negligence, either through a technical perspective, where the forensic accountant will investigate a breach in an agreement, or through a loss quantification; and

- Mediation and Arbitration, where a forensic accountant may be hired to become involved in an alternative dispute resolution so that individuals and businesses may resolve disputes with minimal disruption and with a minimal amount of time.

While each forensic accountant will receive a unique assignment with each client, most assignments will include the following steps.

1. Meet with the client to understand the important facts, people, and issues at hand.

2. Perform a conflict check.

3. Perform an initial investigation.

4. Develop an action plan, setting objectives to be achieved, as well as the methods that should be used to accomplish them.

5. Obtain relevant evidence that may include documents, economic information, assets, or other proof of the occurrence of an event.

6. Perform the analysis, which may involve calculating economic damages, summarizing transactions, tracing assets, performing present value calculations, performing a regression or sensitivity analysis, utilizing a spread sheet, database, or other computerized model.

7. Preparing a final report.

A forensic accountant may be hired by a variety of institutions, including attorneys and law firms; police forces; insurance companies; government agencies; banks, credit unions, and financial lenders; courts; and business owners. They may hire a forensic accountant based on their experience and qualifications, as well as their neutrality to their particular situation, especially if damages are involved.

The typical forensic accountant will have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree, and often a master’s degree, in accounting or a related field. A forensic accountant is also usually a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). In addition to education, a forensic accountant should have personal characteristics that include curiosity, persistence, creativity, discretion, strong organizational and communication skills, confidence, and sound professional judgment.

Forensic accounts that find the most career success are extremely detail-oriented as well. A forensic accountant may be employed by an accounting firm or by a large corporation to perform in-house investigations, or may be self employed as a consultant to such organizations.

GMP Consulting – A Valuable Resource for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

Good manufacturing practice (GMP) consulting is a resource which is increasingly being utilised by vast swathes of manufacturers within the pharmaceutical industry and it will greatly enhance their chances of producing products that are safe and fit for the target marketplace.

Compliance is a pivotal issue within the pharmaceutical industry and the way in which products are actually manufactured is crucial because if the right procedures aren’t followed, the end result may well be products that are safe for the marketplace and one that will lead to a product recall. GMP If you;trconsulting firms are one of the most efficient and cost effective resources when it comes to making sure pharmaceutical goods are being manufactured to a high standard on a consistent basis.

Finding the Best GMP Consulting Fit for your Requirements

It is imperative that manufacturers of medical devices and pharmaceutical products find the best fit for their own particular requirements when it comes to good manufacturing practice. GMP consulting agencies will typically boast a number of consultants who boast years of experience within the pharmaceutical industry and are immensely knowledgeable in all aspects relating to good manufacturing practices.

GMP consulting is a resource that an ever growing number of manufacturers are choosing to take advantage of in the face of an increasingly competitive industry. By utilising services and expertise provided by pharmaceutical consultancy firms, manufacturers are exhibiting their dedication to making sure that they are producing safe products on a routine basis. The reasons that the pharmaceutical industry needs to be carefully governed is due to the nature of the products produced and the inherent dangers that they have.

Pharmaceutical training is invariably the most viable solution for companies who have concerns about issues such as FDA compliance or GMP auditing. It will be highly advantageous to those producing supplements in particular to consider utilising GMP consulting firms because they will be able to advise on the manufacturing conditions that will give rise to the safest products and supplements.

Benefits of Acquiring An SEO Consultant

The world of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has dramatically changed the way companies think, act, and go about their business. The Internet provides the biggest market of consumers and is therefore important for any business to penetrate that market. The art of SEO has grown into a self-sustaining and powerful industry under Internet marketing. In every country, including the Philippines, various companies have availed of the services of an SEO expert and an SEO consultancy company.

In the Philippines, competition among business is tough and unforgiving. Each one obviously wants to stay ahead than the other. Whether you are a big business or a small company, the use of proper search engine optimization can help you make more profit. Many successful companies have attained success with the use of an SEO consultant Philippines has.

The primary reason for getting an SEO consultant is of course to get expert service. With their help, they can increase the ranking of your company’s website in search engines. In the busy world of the Internet, SEO services help you stand out and rise above your competitors. Everyone is vying for the top pages of Google and that should be your concern too. A consultant will provide with all the necessary instructions, training, and guidance in order for your company to become one of the most sought of sites in your industry.

If you currently don’t have any of the SEO consultant Philippines has, you have to get one to boost the name of your company and in turn, boost business. There are many benefits and at the same time no disadvantages if you choose the best. The following are the professional service offered by an SEO expert: Competition analysis, Keyword research and keyword tracking, article content writing, SEO copywriting, link analysis and link building, and many more, all devoted in helping your business.

An SEO consultant will allow you to focus more on your business rather than trying to understand the concepts of keyword research, link building, or any other concept of SEO. It will allow you more time to work on making your products efficient. In time, if you want to learn more about search optimization, you can learn from the consultant later on. This will also save you time researching by yourself or learning elsewhere.

The consultant will likewise able to provide you with an unbiased view of the company. In many marketing campaigns, companies tend to over promote or do false advertising just to reach out to people. The advertisement can sometimes be too biased on the company and a lot of people can move away from this kind of promotion. In SEO marketing however, most articles in the Internet are written for the general public. This is done so that the article can be read by a wider audience rather than just reading about one company.

Search Engine Optimization Consulting

Search engine optimization consulting is a logical place to start to improve your website. Even though an online marketer is well aware of the fact that he requires help to boost his business, he is often at a loss to decide which search engine optimization consulting company he can bank upon. This predicament is faced by many people when they are on the lookout for a suitable SEO consultation firm. As an answer to this problem, several companies have been established which boast of outstanding services. Many of them do not meet the standards and are only out to make a fast buck. Owners of websites must execute extreme prudence while seeking search engine optimization consulting.

By conducting thorough research, you will be better prepared to choose a company to improve your website through SEO. A firm backed by experienced staff and a good reputable is a great place to start. The number of years of the company’s existence is another factor to be considered along with its ability grasp its client’s SEO needs. An online business man should inspect the prospective search engine optimization consulting company from every angle before hiring it.

An ideal optimization consulting company will spend a good amount of time studying its client’s website before proposing any recommendations. In this way, it can recognize the customer’s requirements and assist him to devise appropriate approach to meet his individual need. It is wise not to be lured by the first company that promises of getting the website the top rankings in the chief search engines. In all probability, such firms are mere scams as search engines have their own discrete methods of functioning.

Marketing of websites largely depends upon proficiency of the employed search engine optimization consulting company. Ascertain its internal relationship and hold meaningful discussions with the company. The client should ask the professionals to submit a broad proposal how they plan to implement the required changes in the website using SEO techniques. The success rate of an online business is related to the efficiency of the company hired to carry out the task.

SEO Professional – What You Should Ask Before Hiring A Consultant

Before you start working with an SEO consultant, you must either meet him or talk to him on the phone. Find out the answers to the following questions.

What is the consultants SEO process? What can you expect to see happen in the first month? The process should make sense to you. If he can’t explain it, don’t hire him.
What is the first thing he would do on your site? The SEO professional should look at your Web site before speaking with you. Or, he should ask whether he could look later. Either way, don’t demand a lot of information – this is what you pay them for, and they shouldn’t have to give information away for free. Instead, look for a sensible recommendation that demonstrates that they gave your site some thought.
How are results reported? If he mentions ranking reports, don’t hire him. Traffic matters more than rankings. Any good SEO consultant will know that.
How long has he been an SEO professional? There’s no specific correct answer here but a response like, “I’ve just started”, should give you pause.
If you’re unhappy with the service, can you end your contract before the scheduled end date? Many unethical agencies bind you to a contract and charge your credit card month after month.
How often will he speak with you? Your SEO consultant needs to periodically review your results and strategy with you.
Does any service cost extra? Many SEO firms charge extra for copy writing and other work. That’s fine; just make sure you know before you start.
The main thing you are trying to get is an impression of the person or company you’ll be working with. SEO is marketing, and it requires a lot of communication between you and your consultant.

Knowing What To Expect

More SEO campaigns have fallen to incorrect expectations than any other form of marketing. Here’s what you should know before you start:

SEO takes a long time. I typically require a one-year contract with any SEO client. Two years is better. If you try to sign an SEO professional to a shorter contract, you’ll likely either rush him (so he won’t do solid long-term planning), or you’ll chase off the best consultants.
Don’t expect fast results.
Do expect regular reports
Expect that your SEO consultant wants a certain amount of work from you. He is going to give you lots of recommendations and requests for changes to your site. He’ll ask for content and he will want information about your competitors.
Costs can vary widely from one SEO firm to the next. Some can charge as little as $100 a month. Others can charge up to $10,000 or more per month. The difference is the level of service. For $100 a month, don’t expect much. The SEO firm probably won’t do much work except for a few automated directory submissions, and might not get you results. At the top end of the scale, an SEO consultant writes SEO optimized articles for your website, researches keywords, analyzes your website for potential problems, and does whatever it takes to move you up in the search rankings. Most SEO consultant’s charges are based on a monthly fee. They might also offer one-time reviews where they check your website, write a report recommending changes, and then leave you hanging. If you don’t have your own team you are probably better off going with the monthly agreement.

Good SEO consultants often negotiate their fees depending on the difficulty of the campaign and the amount of work that will be involved also how long you plan to work with them. If you have a website that’s already fairly well optimized but just needs a little help and you are hiring them for only a year; you should expect your monthly fees to be lower. If you have a site that’s a complete disaster, as far as SEO and you’re in a very competitive industry, and you want everything done in three or four months; you can expect to pay more each month.

Remember when it comes to costs, the real question should be, what makes sense to you and your budget? You usually get what you pay for and that rule is no different here. Sometimes what looks like a bargain is really just a waste of money? When it comes to your website and your business, you can’t afford to waste your money on sub par SEO advice.

How an SEO Consultant Can Help Your Business With SEO and PPC

An SEO consultant can not only handle your SEO needs but they will often have expertise in PPC advertising as well. Combining both these promotions will help you to increase your profits and get ahead of your competition.

They will help you in optimizing your site in the following ways:

Meta tags: Meta tags will help the search engine spiders or bots to index your website. If you do these correctly it will help you to get a better position in the search engines.
Optimize content: optimizing content is placing the keyword, or keyword phrase, for your article correctly so that you have from 3% to 4% keyword density in the article. This is acceptable for the search engine spiders to pick them up and will help you to get a better position in the search engines.
Keywords: keywords and phrases are important in getting a good position in the search engines. An SEO consultant will help you to choose the best ones for your site.
Linking: linking plays a key role in Page Rank and good positioning on the search engines. This is especially true for back links. An SEO consultant can help you to get quality back links to raise your Page Rank and be indexed well in the search engines.
An SEO consultant can help you with PPC in the following ways:

Find the correct keywords: keywords are a critical factor in pay per click advertising campaigns. The choice of keywords will determine the success of your campaigns.
Set up campaigns: setting up a campaign can be a little tricky and if you hire a consultant to do this you will be assured that it is done correctly. They will write the correct PPC ads for you, based on your main keyword or phrase for the campaign. Added to this they can make multiple ads and split test them to make sure which keyword or phrase is doing well and which ad is pulling the best.
Choose correct bids: bidding is sometimes confusing. This will determine the position of your ad. Knowing which keywords are pulling best and bidding on them to adjust their position can be tricky. If this is not done correctly you can lose a lot of money and make only a few sales. An SEO consultant will understand the bidding and adjust it according to keyword performance.
Maintain campaigns: it is very important to keep a vigilant eye on your PPC campaigns or you can lose a lot of money. Keyword performance is critical and it is important to keep an eye on your competition to get ahead of them. An SEO consultant is aware of all the parts of the campaign that need to be watched and will be able to take care of this for you.
In order to make the most out of these promotions it is necessary to be careful in your selection of an SEO consultant. Be sure they are reputable and are using white hat tactics to optimize your site. Do your research into their performance. If you can talk to them on a one on one basis about your business’s special needs this will be very good, as every business has unique needs, and the consultant will be able to discuss those needs with you.

Is There a Need to Hire a Balanced Scorecard Consultant?

The balanced scorecard is a helpful managerial tool in the world of business. It does not matter whatever industry you belong in because this is very flexible. The managers and the business owners are the ones who will make a decision on how they will implement, create and develop the scorecard. What this does is it provides a balanced view about the company’s performance in the marketplace. We can see how tough it is when it comes to the competition of the companies in the world. Almost everybody wants to have their own business and thus they find ways on how they can outdo the other companies that rival them in attracting customers. Now, the BSC is a useful tool but it can also be complex especially for those who are new in the business. This is why there are some who choose to hire a balanced scorecard consultant.

The first stage of the creation of the BSC is probably the most difficult. This is because there is a need to obtain the reports that are connected with the performance of the company. It is also required that one has the knowledge about the strategies that they need to implement in accordance with the predefined goals of the corporation. The definition of the goals is actually easy. If you are the business owner, you should know what you want your company to achieve. The hard part here is that you should be able to choose the essential indicators that will have an effect on the success of your business.

If you are in need of help in the BSC implementation and creation processes, you can seek for a reliable balanced scorecard consultant. He or she will provide you with the help that you need so that your corporate BSC will be much more simplified. The issues that your company is facing will require the involvement of your staff so that you will be able to ensure that you can manage the performance of your business. The balanced scorecard consultant will help you stay on track so that you can deliver a system that will enable you to manage and measure what really matters.

It is the job of the consultant to make a research and provide helpful pieces of advice to your company, which are connected with organizational performance. When searching for the right person or company for such job, you should look for one who is reliable and really has the knowledge in BSC implementation. He or she should have qualified experience when it comes to dealing with different clients that need recommendation on different aspects such as the gathering of data for the creation of the balanced scorecard and the delivery of the BSC tool.

New businesses are not the only ones that seek the help of a BSC consultant. Existing organizations can benefit from such service since they can further improve the BSC indicators and the data that are found in it. A balanced scorecard consultant can aid in the integration of the BSC with the strategies and can help in the development of the implementation plans.

Small Business Fertile Ground For Internet Marketing Consulting

Just about everyone, from the neighborhood pub to Fortune 500 companies, has a Web site these days. All Web sites are not created equal, however, and smaller operations generally don’t have the budget or expertise to create the Web sites that make money.

That’s where you come in.

By starting an Internet marketing consulting business, you can tap into a potential gold mine by doing small business Internet consulting. While just about every business can benefit from having a Web site, they can benefit even more by having a good Web site — one that’s attractive, easy to navigate, reliable… and actually makes sales! It’s not a hard game to get into, all you need is a basic understanding of marketing and a few Web site building skills.

The truth of the matter is that online searches are becoming the preferred method for customers to select where they’re going to eat, get their oil changed, buy some flowers for their significant other, and every other conceivable service. Establishing a strong Web presence is vital for the survival and growth of just about any business, so there’s a fantastic amount of profit to be made in small business internet consulting.

Online marketing presents an incredible opportunity for small business, as it’s cheaper and more effective than traditional forms of advertising.

A giant untapped market

There are millions of small businesses around the world, creating a vast market for for professionals skilled at writing, graphic design and Web site creation and maintenance. Maintenance is a key word in the Internet marketing game, because by creating an ongoing demand for your services, you can create recurring income that can help propel your business to long-term prosperity. There currently aren’t many Internet marketing consulting firms out there, so there’s a tremendous opportunity out there for those who are bold and quick.

Find a mentor

The great thing about internet marketing consulting is that it’s a new frontier. There’s no formalized training or school you have to complete. The only requirement is competence and moxie. The best way to get in the game is to find an established web marketing consulting professional and have him or her mentor you and help you attain the skills you need to be a successful online marketing consultant. Use Google to check your potential mentor’s credentials, and if he or she checks out get onboard and get ready to make some money.

What Do Document Management Consultants Ask?

Document management systems can range from small to enterprise content management systems. There are a number of common issues that are involved in managing documents, whether the system is an ad-hoc, paper-based method for one person or a formal, structured, computer enhanced system for thousands of people across multiple offices and countries.

Document Management Consultants provide a range of document and information management solutions and services that help companies to more efficiently manage their company documentation and business data.

A document management system (DMS) is a system used to track and store electronic documents and images of paper documents. Document management consulting will advise on systems which can provide capabilities such as; Metadata, Integration, Capture, Indexing, Storage, Retrieval, Distribution, Security, Workflow and Collaboration.

A document management consultant will typically address the following areas asking these types of questions:

1) Where will we keep our documents?

2) How much can we spend to store them?

1) How can people find needed documents?

2) How much time can be spent looking for them?

1) How do we organise our documents?

2) How do we ensure documents are filed appropriately?

1) How do we protect against the loss, tampering or destruction of documents?

2) How do we keep sensitive information hidden?

1) How do we ensure the readability of documents in the future?

2) How can we protect our documents against fires, floods or natural disasters?

1) How do we decide what documents to retain?

2) How long should they be kept? How do we remove them afterwards?


1) How do we get documents into the hands of people who need them?

2) How much can we spend to distribute the documents?

If documents need to pass from one person to another, what are the workflow rules?

If more than one person is involved in creating a document, how will the people collaborate?

Document management solutions are becoming more common place and this provides a superb niche for anyone with the knowledge and desire to become an independent document management consultant.

What Should You Pay for Consulting Firms?

Paying a consulting firm can ultimately save you money. These firms are designed to assist their clients in making critical decisions. These decisions can often turn a small business into a major player in their field of expertise.

Many business owners only look at the initial cost of hiring a consulting firm. This should not deter you at all. You will want to look into a firm that will charge you a flat rate. You can often negotiate a contract where the consultant will represent you for a year at a flat fee. These firms can also help you should your company experience any public relations issues. The consulting firm can give you ideas and guidelines about how to handle any issues that may arise.

Many people refer to consulting firms as spin doctors. Their sole goal is to see that your company grows and gets to the next level. The consulting firm will assign a specific individual to work with your company. This person will field all of your calls and help to refer you to other businesses that can help your business to grow.

There are various types of consulting firms. Some will consult on just technology issues, while others are strategy consultants. The technology companies will be able to help you how to have your online presence grow. At the same time, they will make sure that the systems you use internally are the best ones for the business. The will make sure that everything from your server to your software is secure. In many cases they will even be able to help you set up an ordering and shipping system. This will mean that your products will get into your clients’ hands as quickly as possible. This is imperative to keep a good buzz around your company.

A strategy firm will be devoted to making sure that your company has a good public image and can be catapulted to the next level when the time is right. They will cultivate an image around your company that shows that you are a company that is reliable, committed to making a quality product and helping the community.

Consumers look for companies that they feel are good to their employees and to their local and global community. If you have this image, your company will grow and prosper. Growth will ultimately be the key to future continued success and wealth.